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Cap City Scrappers Basketball began just 4 years ago and is one of the most respected & successful AAU programs in the area. The reason for their success and growth is simple. We are not like many other AAU programs that have multiple teams using the same name, with coaches working in isolation. As a program, we know that coaching is one of, if not, the most important factors that parents consider when choosing an AAU program. Our talented coaches are always discussing basketball, attending clinics, camps and continually developing as coaches and the majority coach at the interscholastic level as well. The coaches work extremely hard to make sure your child has a rewarding, enjoyable and educational experience. Our goals as a coaching staff are to create a fun atmosphere in which teammates build camaraderie and develop their basketball skills in a challenging and competitive environment. ​ We are extremely organized and have a comprehensive philosophy for the program that all coaches are aware of and adhere to at all times. We are known for our structure & consistent play across the program and utilize most of the same offensive and defensive approaches, from our elementary to varsity teams. We practice 1-2 times a week to help our players develop better skills, while stressing the importance of team work and giving maximum effort in everything they do. Our players get better throughout the season, and our teams grow together through chemistry built in practice and during our participation against top-level competition.

cap city scrappers

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